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Since imperial are no longer in business no doubt you are aware options for replacement parts for your suite as it stands at present are limited  , buttons and valves are no longer manufactured,

So if you have a close couple suite (cistern attached to the pan with wingnuts) and a Round 40mm button with a plus and minus on the top  (as pictured) than we recommend you fit our RSMALL retrofit rebuild kit ,

If you are still not sure what kit is required feel free to Email us a few photos of the entire toilet paying special attention to the front,   the entire toilet side on (including the isolation tap) , a photo of the inside of the cistern and a photo of the existing flush button

and we will reply within 24 Hours advising the exact kit you need 

This kit is specifically designed to fit this particular suite and will utilize your existing bowl , cistern and lid

By using our systematic repair process we can guarantee a long term repair to the flushing mechanisms in your Imperial toilet and make sure all spare parts are available for the parts in our kits individually in the future 

This is a very popular kit and the same kit we have been selling to our customers since 2012 this really is the #1 tried and tested solution 

The kit replaces every moving item within the cistern with parts that are far more robust than the originals allowing years of reliable service ,

This kit will include:

Inlet Valve

Flexible water connection 

Outlet Valve

Tank to bowl Gasket

Detailed plumbers installation instructions with images

and a New Button Assembly (in Chrome)


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RSMALL Close Couple Retrofit kit

  • Product Code: RSMALL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $220